“Our students who have huge educational deficits have
readily received this new information.”  EEP's presence has
made a difference in our students as well as staff”

Margaret Holloman, Principal
Youth Study Center School, School District Philadelphia, PA
“Building Intellect through Science"- (EEP - Detroit)
BiztoBizMatch.com (formally DBA)

This economic development initiative increases revenue, creates jobs, the number of social
entrepreneurs, and compels non-profits to run as true businesses.   Located in downtown
Detroit’s business nurturing center, DBA provides strategic partnerships, workforce
development and client matching for members of the alliance.  Through mentally stimulating
activities under-served start-ups and existing entrepreneurs are helped to get to the next
level.   DBA is positioning itself to be a major player in "Main Street" business advocacy.
DBA Non-profit and Social Enterprise Building Division

By providing training, partnership matching and tools for non-profit managers, corporate executives, and business owners it
stresses the urgency of a mindset change to realize the positive economic impact of the non-profit sector.  We connect the
dots between the benefits of increasing  revenue via corporate citizenship its positive effect on the community and job growth.

“Nonprofit expenditures provide vital economic support to the
state’s Economy.  Nonprofits directly employ at least 10%
percent of the Michigan workforce. Its billions of dollars in
expenditures show that a healthy and vibrant nonprofit sector is
critical to Michigan’s future.”  

Economic Benefits of Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector,2009,
Michigan Nonprofit Association report Prepared by Public
Sector Consultants Lansing, Michigan
“Where this education been at when I needed it? I learned about the
gastroenterology tract.”  John Doe

Program Participant on the way to adult jail
Youth Study Center Program, Philadelphia, PA 2008

"The pulse of the
business world"


Reeves Business
BiztoBizMatch.com (Formally Developing Business Alliances - DBA)  Multi
Industry Concierge Partnership and Customer Building
Program II.
Program I.
Contact us to bring this proven and customizable program to your family, church, community center or school.
Educational Enhance Program (EEP) builds reading skills through intelligence building science exercises
performed in a culturally sensitive matrix.
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High praises for
Joint Cities' programming
“So much useful information my head
R. Prator, Radio Personality and Author

“The Corporation’s methodology to
stimulate job growth by strengthening
businesses and creating strategic
partnerships and ventures will generate
much needed revenue”  
Hansen Clarke, Congressman 13th
District Michigan

“The structure of Joint Cities
Development, your efforts and
methodologies will be very rewarding for
everyone. “
John Conyers, Jr.  Congressman, 14th
District Michigan

“Highly valuable ideas, concepts and
program content”,
R. Harris, Assistant Banking Center
Manager and Finance Mentor for youth.

“Excellent overall program”, F. Barnes,
Videographer and Producer

“Highly effective presentation of
materials”, J. Purifoy, Esq. Corporate

“A partnership with Joint Cities has
increased marketing opportunities,
revenue, customers and exposure for IBA
Rufus Bartel, President, Independent
Business Association

“Excellent program”
F. Walker

“Liked most the level of detail and
sincerity, highly valuable ideas and
C. Mitchell

"Despite the current recession, non-profit employment in Michigan
has continued to grow...Between the end of the previous recession
and the peak prior to the current recession, nonprofit employment
grew by 17.4% while for-profit employment declined by 9.5%

John Hopkins University "Nonprofit Economic Data Project",
October 2010
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The surge needed  for job creation is among today’s most important economic imperatives, particularly in
minority communities and with youth.  This is why after research and collaborating with business owners
and support groups, Joint Cities created  small business head- hunters of BiztoBizMatch.com
The Youth Entrepreneur Shadow (YES) Program

The Youth Entrepreneur Shadow Program (YES) fulfils an urgent need to train young
people to run, fund, own and grow successful businesses.  YES is a workforce
development, job creation and small business support program.  In this series, under
served youth, aged 16-24 are partnered with successful entrepreneurs. YES also serves as
a source of trained personnel for employers.
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"Creating and Connecting Solid Partnerships"